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2017 Christmas List!

Each year we get all sorts of questions for Christmas shopping so we send out annual list.  This year I’m doing things a bit different so here goes….

Top 10 – Scout Basics

  1. Water-proof Hiking Boots
  2. Sleeping Bag – Suggest a temp rating 20-35 degrees weighing 3 lbs or less.
  3. Backpack – Look for backpacks that can adjust the distance of the hip strap and shoulder straps.  This is important for younger scouts especially.  Strongly encourage you get fitted.  Look for minimum 65 liter.  Suggest 75 if considering Philmont in the future.  If you have questions you can reach out to me or an ASM familiar with backpacks.
  4. Sleeping Pad
  5. Pocket Knife – Recommend utility tool like a leatherman, Gerber or swiss army type.  You don’t need these brands but these tools provide more uses for scouts. Remember you cannot have blades greater than 4 inches.
  6. Compass – Silva Explorer models or similar are ideal
  7. Flashlight – Head attached types are great.  I like the ones that go on baseball hat bills but they have ones that attach with a strap too that are popular. Lightweight handheld ones are fine too.
  8. Water Bottles – 1 Liter Nalgene are ideal for their non leaking traits but something similar is fine.
  9. Mess Kit (wide bowl, spork, cup that can hold hot chocolate) – Suggest lightweight kinds.
  10. Rain Suit – Frogg Toggs great starter set ($15-20)

Top 25 – I’m Ready for the Next Level

  1. Lightweight wool socks – good to wear with hiking boots.  Big thick wools not needed, suggest medium thickness.
  2. Long Underwear – they’ve come a long way on these.  Lots of varieties.
  3. Fleece sweatshirt (1 thick and 1 thin) – Great for dressing in layers during cold weather.
  4. Bandana/Handkerchief – lots of uses I don’t need to say
  5. Sock Hat & Gloves – don’t get the thick ski/snow gloves, they’re too bulky
  6. Paracord – you can never have enough
  7. Compression Sack for Sleeping Bag – Makes sleeping bag smaller.  Good for backpacking. Water proof ones are a plus.
  8. Backpacking Tent – The troop provides tents but these are great for backpacking trips especially Philmont.
  9. Backpacking Stove – There are a lot of varieties. Jet Boils, MSRs are popular.  Troop provides these but some scouts like to have their own for learning.
  10. Dutch Oven – Troop provides these but a lot of scouts get these to practice at home.  It’s great to develop cooking skills.
  11. Camping chair/stool – There are a lot of varieties. Get one you can put in your backpack.
  12. Neck Gaitor/Buff – Popular for keeping neck warm.  I have one and love it.
  13. Water Filter for backpacking – only for serious backpackers going to Philmont
  14. First aid bandaids
  15. Small Neosporin
  16. First aid gauze/bandages, alcohol patches, and tape
  17. Moleskin
  18. Waterproof matches
  19. Survival mirror
  20. Whistle
  21. Fire starter
  22. Iodine or Clorine tablets
  23. Duct Tape
  24. Space Blanket or Emergency Tarp
  25. Fishing Rod, Reel & Tackle

Brick and Mortor Stores

  • REI – Best for advice and fitting for backpacks
  • Scout Shop in Fairview
  • Academy – Great prices
  • Cabelas – Good selection but expensive
  • Dicks – good selection but expensive
  • Wal-Mart – Great prices

Online Stores (if you know better let me know)

  • – Good selection and prices
  • – good selection
  • –
  • – good selection and prices
  • – good selection, more specialized gear
  • – has everything plus Prime

Gear research I love to go to this site You can learn a lot about the latest and greatest.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out any time,

Mr. Boese

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