Our troop meets weekly, camps monthly, actively pursues merit badges, sponsors a variety of fun events throughout the year, and supports our community through volunteer activities. We plan a variety of outdoor and indoor activities to appeal to the varied interests of our scouts, – camping, day events, road trips (Houston Space Center, Longhorn Caverns, Red River Ski Resort) and high adventure (Boundary Waters 2016, Seabase 2017, Philmont 2018, and much more).

We are a unique troop. Our focus is on teamwork. Troop 496 builds camaraderie by working together and by appreciating the unique attributes of each scout regardless of age, rank, and background. Our patrols mix younger boys with the older, and newer scouts with more experienced boys because we believe in passing the wisdom of our seasoned scouts on to newer members. As a result, each patrol is richly diverse. This approach also enables scouts to assume increasingly greater leadership roles under the oversight of those who have done it before. The older boys mentor and guide the newer scouts, ensuring that all are given ability-appropriate responsibilities and opportunities.

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings, or just want to get more information about Troop 496 or the Scouting Movement, feel free to contact our Scoutmaster, Duffy Carter at duffycarter@sbcglobal.net . We look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to view a map to Trinity Presbyterian Church, see below.

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