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Master Chef Campout

Patrols will compete, 4 contests with a points system earning prizes and good food for all. Patrols will cook 3 meals and a dessert. Throughout the day points will be given for following the rules,

– Presentation – Taste

Be careful there are also penalty points for food that is not ready on time, burnt, sabotage attempts, and spying! We want to see your twist on breakfast burritos, lunch cooking over a campfire, your best camping dinner, and a Christmas dessert.

Start planning because the winning group will have their choice of prizes from our camping catalog that will be worth fighting for.

Sign up today for the best cooking challenge of the year and as a bonus will count towards your cooking merit badge or rank requirements!

Event: May 13th – 15th Where: Eisenhower State Park (located on the border of Texas and Oklahoma on beautiful Lake Texoma) SIGN UP

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